Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Are Tri Fold Leaflets still a thing?

So, you're wondering whether 'Tri Fold Leaflets' are still a thing? Are you thinking about getting some printed?

There's certainly been a lot of change in the world of printing. These last few years have changed the way printers work beyond recognition.

Digital (not printing) has taken over. Businesses have had to adapt.

But for many, tri fold leaflets are still a hugely important part of the marketing mix. Businesses use brochures to showcase their products. And used in the right way, trifold brochures are still huge.

Here's 5 types of business which definitely still needs tri fold brochures:

  1. Takeaway restaurants
  2. Camp sites
  3. Tourist attractions
  4. Hotels / B&Bs
  5. Charities
Here are the best 5 things about tri fold leaflets:
  1. You can cram a load of information in to the 6pp DL panels
  2. The finished brochure is small enough to sit in display stands, or fit in your pocket
  3. You can post DL tri fold brochures in standard letter envelopes
  4. In the UK leaflets are VAT free
  5. Folded leaflets are cheap to print.

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