Monday, 27 November 2017

5 tips for designing fabulous business cards

Think all business cards are the same? Think again. Here's how to design fabulous business cards, that get noticed... and remembered. 

More and more people are replacing pen and paper with digital devices like iphones and tablets, making the humble business card a thing of the past... That is for those who don't embrace change, and focus on crafting an impactful, memorable design that stands out from the crowd.

Business cards have the potential to be a key marketing opportunity. A first impression, and memorably leave behind that potential customers can use to contact you, or find out more about your business / service.

No two businesses are the same, so why would a business card be? Sure, you can order cheap business cards online using a whizzy online designer, but the quality tends to be inferior, and the business card lacking the impact you and your business need.

With the move to a more paperless world, and online printers delivering poor quality results, there's an opportunity for those keen to accept the challenge; to stand out from the crowd, with a fabulous looking business card that leaves a lasting impression.

Think bright colours, expressive angles and smooth text conveying your key messaging. 

Don't forget, your business card should drive a prospective customer to take action; call your, or visit your website.

You can use these tips, to help you design a winning business card...

1) Remember the basics...

The best design in the world will look rubbish if it prints badly. Artwork your business card at 300dpi, in CMYK with 3mm bleed. Always leave a further 3-5mm from the page edge quiet to avoid anything looking like it's falling off the edge of the page. And align elements properly - be consistent with spacing and alignment. Check out our 'quick guide to getting artwork ready for print' post for in depth pointers.

2) Include the important details...

Make sure you remember to include all the details you need on the card!! It sounds obvious, but you'd be amazed by the number of reprints we see where customers have forgotten key information they wanted to include.

3) You're paying for full colour, so use it...

While 'white space' has its place in design, don't forget to use colour on your business cards. With most printers you're paying for full colour as standard, so make the most of it, by including coloured, solid or gradient backgrounds.

4) Check the printers requirements...

Another obvious pointer, but don't forget to check your printers requirements before artworking your business cards. Most printers need 3mm bleed, but some need 5mm. Get this wrong and your design will look rubbish.

5) Choose a nice paper and finish...

Once you're happy with your design, make sure you carefully consider the type of card you're going to have your business cards printed on. Go for something thick, and add a nice finish like matt or soft touch lamination to make your business cards stand out. Check our 'choosing the right thickness business card' article for more pointers on the available finishes.


Want more ideas? Check out our 'Business Card Guide' here.

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