Thursday, 26 October 2017

What is a trifold leaflet?

Trifold leaflets are one of the most ordered print products used to promote small businesses in the UK.

Literally, thousands of businesses use trifolds to drive sales, promote their business and convey information to customers.

Often referred to as 6pp DL, 6-page DL and A4 folded to DL leaflets, trifolds are a versatile marketing asset, which can make an impact in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

But what exactly is a trifold leaflet?  

Trifold leaflets are folded leaflets printed on A4 sized paper, which is folded twice to create a finished 'letter-folded' leaflet that is DL size (1/3rd A4 size).

Unlike the name suggests, a trifold leaflet is a folded leaflet with 2 folds, which creates 3 (tri) equal panels on both sides (6 in total). 

They're usually printed on thinner stock (250gsm or below).

The folds divide the paper into 3 equal sections, and they're usually distributed in their 'folded' (closed) state.

Trifolds are usually A4 folded down to DL size meaning they fit into a standard letter size envelope when closed.

Why should I order trifold leaflets?

Trifolds are one of our most popular printed products - we sell thousands of them each month to businesses from all over the UK.

There are so many uses for trifolds - with almost all businesses producing brochures of some sort.

Our trifolds start at £90 for 1000 - including free delivery and fast turnaround. If you'd like to order online, click here.

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