Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Why your brochures look rubbish (and how to make them look amazing)

Brochures used to be the cornerstone of any business's marketing.
Companies would put EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about their business in them.

More recently, digital content has taken over, with platforms like Facebook leading the way in driving sales online. 

This has led to a shift in more traditional, printed marketing. 

Cleaner content and a design-led approach has taken over, with impactful, visually eye-catching leaflets making the most impact for businesses. 

In this brochure design guide, we'll explore the top tips for designing better brochure artwork.

Trifold leaflets (often referred to as brochures) allow you to pack a tonne of content in a small space. Your leaflet artwork can be split down to different sections for each of the 'folded panels'.

The compact, DL size when folded means it can be distributed in leaflet stands, or posted in envelopes.

But putting too much content on your leaflets isn't going to look great!

With brochures artwork, less is more.

Here are our top five tips for designing better brochure artwork...

  1. Go full bleed... Always make sure your brochure artwork is full bleed. Your images and background colours should extend right to the page edge. 
  2. Let images do the talking... Always use lots of images. As many as you can. They'll do the talking far more eloquently. 
  3. Be consistent... Make clear design decisions. Choose the font and text sizes when you begin artworking, and keep them consistent throughout your brochure. 
  4. Design them... If you're not a designer, it's best to get someone who is to design your trifolds. Your brochures represent your business. Make it count. 
Free trifold artwork checker...

To help your business look as good as possible we offer a free artwork checking service. We'll happily advise on design - and give you pointed on how to make your brochures look as good as possible. 

If you've ordered your brochure printing with us and need a hand finalising the design, or changing areas of content, let us know. We're here to help, and will gladly give you as much support as you need. 

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