Sunday, 22 January 2017

5 FREE resources to use when designing valentines day leaflets

With Valentines day less than a month away,
It's time to design something more than just fine,
Whether it's red or blue, if it benefits you,
These 5 free things, will be sure to help you... win.

Ok, so it didn't quite work. But with Valentines day just around the corner, we're busy making all sorts of saucy, romantic and spicy printed products that'll be used as gifts, or to promote our customers raunchy businesses.

If you're printing leaflets, you'll need them to look good - you'll be up against stiff (ahem) competition. These 5 free resources will help you get them looking spanking fantastic in no time.
Valentines themed background - click here
Valentines heart shapes (vectors) - click here
Valentines day leaflet templates - click here
Valentines day vector graphics - click here
Valentines day leaflet inspiration - click here
If you're looking to order leaflets online for your valentines day promotions click here.

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