Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Leaflet Sizes - A6 vs A5...

When it comes to marketing a business, leaflets are pretty key. Leaflets help companies boost sales in quieter months and drive customers during the busiest seasons. They leave a lasting impression of your business and are a great way to get extra sales through special offers and promotions! With leaflets there's 2 main choices size wise; A6 and A5. So which is right for you?!

Tell me about the two sizes...

The obvious difference is size; A6 leaflets are 148mm x 105mm, compared to the larger A5 at 210mm x 148mm. That's double the size - A5 is half of A4, and A6 is half of A5. The second difference is their use - we find A6 leaflets are perfect for handouts promoting a sale or some other thing that needs action. A5 leaflets tend to be more popular when promoting a business / service as a takeaway, lasting memory. 

What should I be using leaflets for?!

Leaflets are all about promoting - whether that's your business or an event you're running. Businesses from right across the world use leaflets to promote all sorts of offerings, from websites to window cleaners, shoes to skis! Leafleting has been coined as a phrase for any kind of distribution of leaflets - be that through letterboxes, on cars, handed out in the street or left in takeaways. Leaflets are really cheap, allowing you to reach a huge audience, quickly and with minimal cost.  

How much do A5 vs A6 Leaflets cost?

Clearly at half the size, A6 leaflets are cheaper, though not by much. Our A6 Leaflets start at £29, compared to our A5 Leaflets that start at £35. As quantities increase you'll discover the gap gets bigger - A5 leaflets weigh twice as much as A6 leaflets, so the cost of delivery increases significantly at larger quantities.

Which is right for my business?

The leaflets you choose is up to you! If you're promoting something that doesn't require much text, an A6 leaflet is likely to be perfect. If you're trying to sell an unknown business or a product which isn't easy to understand or has a lot of options (like a menu) then A5 is likely to be better.

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