Thursday, 16 January 2014

BUSINESS CARD GUIDE: Sorting the silk from the uncoated business card.

Business Cards are essential for almost every kind of business. With printing companies offering seemingly unlimited choice it can become tough to decide which type of business card is right for you!

Here's our easy guide to the business cards you can have printed:

Silk Business CardsSilk business cards use a coated stock, with a smooth, 'silk' feel. 

Uncoated Business CardsThese have a pulp, natural feel and are popular with businesses who want an eco friendly feel. Colours appear more faded due to the way the ink saturates into the paper. They can look really classy with more minimal designs. Uncoated business cards can be written on without smudging the ink so they're popular for doubling up as receipts or appointment cards.

Glossy Business Cards: These use a coated stock which has a shiny finish to them and are commonly used by taxi firms doubling up as flyers.

Matt Laminated Business Cards: These generally use a silk stock with with a matte cellophane coating applied to both sides after printing. This gives a luxurious smooth feel to them and adds durability meaning they last longer in the wallet. 

Gloss Laminated Business Cards: These are a rarer business card to find though were popular a few years ago. They generally use a glossy stock with a glossy cellophane coating added to both sides after printing. The finish isn't dissimilar to the front of seaside postcards.

Business cards in the UK are 85 x 55mm generally - if you find a really cheap business card check it's the right size for you..! We like to think we're the best place to get Business Cards printed in Bristol but the choice is of course yours! 

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