Sunday, 13 October 2013

Where can i get printing in Bristol... a round-up of what's on offer..!

The Local Print Company is an Bristol Printers and cheap printing website supplying businesses all over the UK with low cost print.

At we're constantly being asked "Do you print... business cards, or flyers, or leaflets, or posters etc..." And of course the answer (if you're asking for printing) is usually Yes! So we figured it'd be worth writing a quick blog about the sorts of things we do print... and how printing works - so you can understand why we do, or don't print certain things!

How does printing work? When we print, we do so on large pieces of paper (called stock). Printers can produce your printing cost effectively by batching jobs together - ie laying out several designs (or jobs) next to each other on the same sheet... this minimises waste and ensures we're making money on as much of the paper as possible. The reason fast turnaround printing is more expensive is because there's greater waste - we can't wait for other suitable orders to batch together. 

It is for this reason that we only offer a few stocks across our whole range - the 135gsm leaflet paper is the same stock as our folded leaflets, and our business card stock is usually the same as our flyers. The more products that can use the same stock the better - because the higher the chance that you can batch orders together. 

So what do we print - or what could we print? We already print business cards, flyers, folded leaflets, leaflets, letterheads and compliment slips, posters, and booklets. In general we print A6, A5, A4, DL and Business Card size - but we could print any size you wanted... up to around A3 size for digital, or A0 for litho... So can we print christmas cards? Yes. Can we print bookmarks? Yes. Can we print invoices? Yes. Can we print whatever you want? Yes. But if it's not a standard size, it's likely to cost more to produce - so we'll have to pass this cost on to you!

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