Tuesday, 15 October 2013

MONEY SAVER: Top 5 ways to save money on printing

If you're new to ordering printing it can be a pretty steep learning curve - dealing with jargon, and understanding why some printers prices are more than others is often impossible to understand. To make things a little easier here's our top 5 ways to save money on your printing.

1) Quantity... It may sound obvious to many, but you'd be amazed at the number of repeat orders we get for exactly the same job that was printed last week or month! Ordering in bulk will save you hundreds of pounds! 

2) Forget printers in the local area... It's a lovely notion that ordering 'locally' is supporting your local print company, but sadly the days of Mr Jones producing high quality printing in every town are gone. Our research has shown that ordering 'locally' can in some cases cost more than double! Typically your local printers have got much higher overheads, and if they're smart they'll be trading online anyway - so they're hardly diehard local suppliers!

3) Forget printing in-house... It's going to sound laughable coming from a commercial printers but seriously do the maths... printing more than 100 copies in-house will start to get costly compared with outsourcing it. Knowing when to print in-house or externally can be a tricky business in it's own right, but with most businesses using leased equipment printing larger volumes can't make commercial sense, especially if you factor in man-hours too.

4) Order from one supplier... Shopping around for printing makes sense. If however you're ordering hundreds of pounds worth each month it'll pay to find the cheapest supplier and order everything through them. Negotiate down any prices that are higher - and give the supplier an idea of what you're looking to order on a monthly basis. Make sure those prospective orders are realistic though because you'll very quickly find prices creeping up if you fall short - especially if the printer did you a good deal based on them!

5) Print in colour... Ok so maybe printing in colour isn't going to save you money, but it'll definitely help make you more... printing in black and white is false economy, makes your business look cheap and is hardly eye catching! You'll also find it's not actually saving you very much!

That's it... hopefully you've learnt something new! Don't forget our current offer is for 5,000 A6 Leaflets printed and delivered for just £45. Head over to the website for full details.

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