Sunday, 13 October 2013

Five ways: To make your leaflets look better

Designing a leaflet to promote your empire can be tricky business, so we've put together 5 short, sharp tips for designing better leaflets to help you shine!

1) Think about your customers... Your leaflet should target your customers! Think about what they want to see, know and read. You don't need to tell them everything your business has to offer, or every last detail - but you need to grab their attention!

2) Keep it short and sweet... Your readers want understand what they're looking at as quickly as possible. If you give too much info or make it too hard to identify with they'll loose interest.
Don't let your logo take over the show... remember if you're a small business you probably don't have brand appeal (so they're not going to buy from you because you're you, but because the want what you offer).

3) Let images do the work... Photos draw the eye and stand out from the crowd, so use them to your advantage and select some high quality pics for your masterpiece.

4) Think about your layout... Is your headline in the top third of the front page? Are your contact details clear? Have you included a call to action? If not you're missing a trick (or three)!

5) What's the offer? Think about what you want to achieve with the leaflet... If it's more sales (which it probably is) then don't rely on a pretty leaflet to draw customers in... a cheeky offer, promise of a discount or suggestion of something free will go a long way to convincing customers they want to make the effort!

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