Thursday, 31 October 2013

Using Leaflets to promote a charity event

It's less than 2 months until Christmas, which means charity events raising money throughout the festive period will soon be underway.

Here at we're often asked what the best way to promote an event is, and for charities and not for profit organisations it's especially important to watch the budget and get the lowest price printing possible. We're pretty used to helping save customers money so here's a few quick tips to get you started.

Leaflets are an ideal, and cost effective way to promote any size event. Prices generally start at around £30 for 1000 and can be as little as £45 for 5000 A6 Leaflets printed. Expect to get around 1-3% return from your leaflets - so hand out 1000 leaflets and you should expect around 10 responses.

Naturally the smaller the leaflet the cheaper - A6 size leaflets are the same size as traditional postcards and provide plenty of 'canvas' to display your artwork and convey your message. is a Bristol Printers and cheap printing website delivering excellent quality, service and prices. 
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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

MONEY SAVER: Top 5 ways to save money on printing

If you're new to ordering printing it can be a pretty steep learning curve - dealing with jargon, and understanding why some printers prices are more than others is often impossible to understand. To make things a little easier here's our top 5 ways to save money on your printing.

1) Quantity... It may sound obvious to many, but you'd be amazed at the number of repeat orders we get for exactly the same job that was printed last week or month! Ordering in bulk will save you hundreds of pounds! 

2) Forget printers in the local area... It's a lovely notion that ordering 'locally' is supporting your local print company, but sadly the days of Mr Jones producing high quality printing in every town are gone. Our research has shown that ordering 'locally' can in some cases cost more than double! Typically your local printers have got much higher overheads, and if they're smart they'll be trading online anyway - so they're hardly diehard local suppliers!

3) Forget printing in-house... It's going to sound laughable coming from a commercial printers but seriously do the maths... printing more than 100 copies in-house will start to get costly compared with outsourcing it. Knowing when to print in-house or externally can be a tricky business in it's own right, but with most businesses using leased equipment printing larger volumes can't make commercial sense, especially if you factor in man-hours too.

4) Order from one supplier... Shopping around for printing makes sense. If however you're ordering hundreds of pounds worth each month it'll pay to find the cheapest supplier and order everything through them. Negotiate down any prices that are higher - and give the supplier an idea of what you're looking to order on a monthly basis. Make sure those prospective orders are realistic though because you'll very quickly find prices creeping up if you fall short - especially if the printer did you a good deal based on them!

5) Print in colour... Ok so maybe printing in colour isn't going to save you money, but it'll definitely help make you more... printing in black and white is false economy, makes your business look cheap and is hardly eye catching! You'll also find it's not actually saving you very much!

That's it... hopefully you've learnt something new! Don't forget our current offer is for 5,000 A6 Leaflets printed and delivered for just £45. Head over to the website for full details.

Monday, 14 October 2013

TOP TIPS: How to layout designs for printing

Uploading artwork for printing can be a daunting prospect, especially if you're new to the design world. We thought we'd put together a few top tips as a guide to setting up artwork for printing.

1) Bleed... Bleed is what allows us printers to print right to the edge of your page... it's actually a trick - we print larger than we need, and then trim within the artwork area. Most printers (us included) ask for 3mm bleed on all sides - so you'll need to add 6mm to both height and width dimensions. 

2) Resolution... The resolution of your artwork (and all elements contained within it) needs to be 300dpi or more. This means pulling in any old image from the internet is a big no no! High resolution is what makes everything look lovely, and lower dpi's will often result in jagged pixellated images... the buzz words to look out for are DPI (dots per inch), and HI-RES / LO-RES (high / low resolution).

3) Colour... Your computer screen works is made up of red, blue and green (RGB) dots which combine together to make all the colours you see. Printers use cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) to make up the colours on paper. It's important to remember to use CMYK (and convert everything properly) to ensure it prints as you expect. RGB images that have been interpreted as CMYK are often very muted and don't have the colour vibrancy you'd probably like.

4) File type... It's really important to consider the file type when sending artwork over to printers. Generally the preferred files are PDF though we can also accept TIFF, JPG, EPS or a variety of original design files (such as PSD).

That's it... hopefully you've learnt something new! Don't forget our current offer is for 5,000 A6 Leaflets printed and delivered for just £45. Head over to the website for full details.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

PRINTING DEAL - 5,000 A6 Leaflets for £45 is the Bristol Printers and Cheap Printing website supplying Local Businesses throughout the UK, Online. Every week we have TOP Printing Deals which we share on our blog at

Sunday 13th October


5,000 A6 Flyers for £45!

We have just one deal this week, but it's a good one!

Get 5,000 A6 (148x105mm) Flyers printed in full colour both sides on 135gsm glossy paper including FREE UK delivery for just £45

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Five ways: To make your leaflets look better

Designing a leaflet to promote your empire can be tricky business, so we've put together 5 short, sharp tips for designing better leaflets to help you shine!

1) Think about your customers... Your leaflet should target your customers! Think about what they want to see, know and read. You don't need to tell them everything your business has to offer, or every last detail - but you need to grab their attention!

2) Keep it short and sweet... Your readers want understand what they're looking at as quickly as possible. If you give too much info or make it too hard to identify with they'll loose interest.
Don't let your logo take over the show... remember if you're a small business you probably don't have brand appeal (so they're not going to buy from you because you're you, but because the want what you offer).

3) Let images do the work... Photos draw the eye and stand out from the crowd, so use them to your advantage and select some high quality pics for your masterpiece.

4) Think about your layout... Is your headline in the top third of the front page? Are your contact details clear? Have you included a call to action? If not you're missing a trick (or three)!

5) What's the offer? Think about what you want to achieve with the leaflet... If it's more sales (which it probably is) then don't rely on a pretty leaflet to draw customers in... a cheeky offer, promise of a discount or suggestion of something free will go a long way to convincing customers they want to make the effort!

Don't forget our super offer... once you've designed your sparkly new leaflets be sure to head over to our website and get us to print them for you! We're currently offering 1000 x A5 Leaflets for just £50 delivered!

Where can i get printing in Bristol... a round-up of what's on offer..!

The Local Print Company is an Bristol Printers and cheap printing website supplying businesses all over the UK with low cost print.

At we're constantly being asked "Do you print... business cards, or flyers, or leaflets, or posters etc..." And of course the answer (if you're asking for printing) is usually Yes! So we figured it'd be worth writing a quick blog about the sorts of things we do print... and how printing works - so you can understand why we do, or don't print certain things!

How does printing work? When we print, we do so on large pieces of paper (called stock). Printers can produce your printing cost effectively by batching jobs together - ie laying out several designs (or jobs) next to each other on the same sheet... this minimises waste and ensures we're making money on as much of the paper as possible. The reason fast turnaround printing is more expensive is because there's greater waste - we can't wait for other suitable orders to batch together. 

It is for this reason that we only offer a few stocks across our whole range - the 135gsm leaflet paper is the same stock as our folded leaflets, and our business card stock is usually the same as our flyers. The more products that can use the same stock the better - because the higher the chance that you can batch orders together. 

So what do we print - or what could we print? We already print business cards, flyers, folded leaflets, leaflets, letterheads and compliment slips, posters, and booklets. In general we print A6, A5, A4, DL and Business Card size - but we could print any size you wanted... up to around A3 size for digital, or A0 for litho... So can we print christmas cards? Yes. Can we print bookmarks? Yes. Can we print invoices? Yes. Can we print whatever you want? Yes. But if it's not a standard size, it's likely to cost more to produce - so we'll have to pass this cost on to you!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Local Print Company and the aquisition of

The Local Print Company has been an online printers now since early 2009 during which time sales have grown steadily. Each month we seem to grow larger, and every day we meet new customers and help drive the price of printing down, delivering excellent quality printing at seriously competitive prices.

At the beginning of the summer we had the opportunity to acquire Print X Press, a specialist in fast turnaround, next day printing. The idea seemed great; customers were constantly asking us for fast turnaround products, something we typically couldn't manage with the workload we were already dealing with. The company brought new challenges in the way customers would be dealt with - being a next day printing website there's little time to give great service and we could immediately see problems with the way systems were set up.

We decided to go with it - to quote Sir Richard Branson, unless you can think of some serious reasons not to just "Screw it, let's do it!"

The first thing we changed was the web address - the old one was clunky and had little to do with emergency printing! So we bought Get Next Day Printing and did a minor overhaul of the printing products offered, and the layout of the online site. We also streamlined the online shop so customers could buy printing online as easily, and quickly as possible - after all we're dealing with urgent print jobs - there's no time to hang about!

Since bringing under our printing wing we've seen a 100% increase in the website traffic, and 20% rise in orders.

Watch this space, we'll keep you updated on progress!

If you get a moment we'd love to know what you think of the website - check it out at