Friday, 24 August 2012

What can Leaflets do for your business?

Leaflet Printing is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of marketing. If you're looking for street handouts or something to pop through letterboxes, leaflets are ideal. They have high visual impact that will stand out from any other post and with the right message can prompt an immediate response.

Leaflets are particuarly useful for local businesses, such as takeaways, taxi firms, builders or gardeners, and if you want to draw people into your shop - perhaps for a sale or new product launch.

You are likely to find that leaflets bring much lower response rates to some other forms of marketing; they're generally far less targeted than higher converting methods so in general it's best to keep your leaflets design as general as possible, or for situations when an immediate reponse is required - such as a lunchtime discount available right now, or to promote a live band that's playing tonight. 

The up-side is that leaflet printing is cheap - so you can usually afford to blanket a specific area, or even a whole town. Popular takeaway businesses often send out 10,000 - 15,000 leaflets each month just in their local town, keeping the message fresh with new ideas, menus or promotions so new customers keep coming. Some businesses choose use promotion codes or direct customers to sign up on their website so they can keep track of how successful the leaflets have been. Expect around 1% return in general - so for every 1000 leaflets you deliver, you should get 10 enquiries.

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