Thursday, 16 August 2012

How to get better results from leaflets...

One of the most popular search terms customers use when looking for printing by is 'leaflet printing bristol', making leaflets one of our hottest selling products.

Modern computers coupled with readily available, often free software means lots of small business owners are able to design their own leaflets. This is great - cutting out design costs, and bringing the price of leaflet printing down to silly prices - like £35 for 1000 A6's!

We're all for this, but thought we'd pop together some common mistakes some home-designers make... you've all heard the 'a badly designed leaflet will cost you' type statements. It might also be that you're wanting to design your own leaflet, but want to get the best results... so we'll cover that too!

Common Leaflet Mistakes...
  • Boring design - or no design!
  • Poor quality images
  • Horrible backgrounds
  • Forgetting to 'sell' something... always give potential customers a reason to buy - a call to action "50% off with this leaflet" etc - don't put your company name as the headline.
  • TOO MUCH INFORMATION - don't cram so much information in you can't read it without a magnifying glass
  • Forgetting crucial information - like phone numbers, web addresses etc
  • Bad spelling..! Yes it do happin - spellin an grammer our reeely inportant... ;) 
 How to get better results...
  • Try to keep the purpose of the leaflet in the forefront of your mind - if you're just starting out, and you're promoting the lovely job you do you don't need to keep repeating the company name again, and again, and again
  • Use lots of pictures... different sizes, different shapes(?), different colours
  • Use colours that are easy on the eye... bold can be beauiful, but luminous green and shocking pink might not be the best combo
  • Give clear instructions on how to find out more, if possible direct them towards your website - people often feel 'safer' looking anonymously online than comitting to calling you
  • Write copy well... get help if you need, and always pick the right tone... it's not necessarily right to be very corporate, or very informal
  • Consider the target audience of your leaflets
So there we go... a quick guide to some mistakes, and a few pointers to get better results. If you're getting some leaflets printed in Bristol, or anywhere else in the UK check out our website!

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