Monday, 20 August 2012

Save Money on your Printing without loosing quality

With so much choice when ordering Printing online it's easy to slip into the assumption that your printing will be so cheap it'll be rubbish... At some printers this might be true, but not at The Local Print Company!

At Bristol Printers we're commited to delivering the highest quality, at the lowest price, everytime a customer orders. We use words like 'Cheap Printing' meaning what you're ordering is cost effective, good value for money and lower in cost than our competitors. What you won't get is an inferior print job, rubbish print quality or poor customer service.

We print in large batches on large sheets, and use 'optimised' quantities to help stack up the orders next to one another, making them as cheap as possible to print. The large sheets are then cut down after printing, and split into the orders they represent. The downside (or upside) to this method of printing is the more you order the more you get for your money - so if you order 250 flyers, it'll cost comparitively more than ordering 10,000. You'll often find on our website that 1000 costs just a few pounds more than 500 because of this.

So there you go - order printing at and you can be sure you're getting high quality printing, at cheap printing prices!

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