Monday, 25 June 2012

Tri-Fold Leaflets: Remind me what that is?

Up until last month, sales of Tri-fold Leaflets (brochures folded twice) were down. Really down. We'd been scratching our heads as to why this age old marketing medium had suddenly dropped off... as we could think of no reason, we thought this blog post would be a helpful reminder of what a trifold leaflet is, and what it can be used for!

A trifold leaflets folds a single piece of paper into 3 - most commonly a4 folded down to dl (1/3rd a4, or compliment slip size). In the print world we also call them 6pp DL; 6pp relating to the number of 'pages' or sections there are when folded, and the dl referring to the finished size. They're one of the most widely used bits of print around - you'll find them in doctors surgery's, takeaways, estate agents, shops, cafes, at events... you name it they'll be there.

A trifold brochure gives you an enormous amount of space to introduce your business, and give jo-average all the information he needs to know your business is the one for him (or her).

The design shows the punter the quality of your product or service
The content tells the customer everything they need to know; from services to prices, availability to options
The pictures enable your clients to see your work, and be inspired to act
The brochures make the sale simple, turn enquiries into bookings, and transform the experience into a return visit...

Cost wise, you're looking at 11p each when ordering 1000 so they're not going to break the bank, but in our experience they are going to help fill it..!

You can order The Local Print Company's tri-fold leaflets online at

Check out some inspiring designs here -

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