Monday, 19 March 2012

What's been happening at The Local Print Company

The last few months have flown by - we've been manic all day, every day. Crucially we've made a few decisions to improve the way we work and the speed of our service...

So for the moment we're cutting right back on the amount of design work we handle in-house, instead are subcontracting out to a great team of designers.

We've also revamped the website, polishing the brand slightly and adopting a new cleaner type-face, along with some more technical back-end changes that are helping improve the way we communicate with customers. There's still a little way to go to tie everything in together but main feature wise we're there (hopefully)! On that front - online payments are now finally sorted... so you can pay using your credit / debit card again!

On the product front we've introduced a new thicker stock for business cards - so we're now using 400gsm rather than the old slightly thinner 350gsm, which means we're bang on the industry standard stock for business cards - and at quantities of 1000 we're up there with the cheapest suppliers in the country! We've also dropped our letterheads down to 100gsm - this makes running them through printers a little easier, and reduces the delivery weights considerably - which in turn means our prices have come down further.

We're looking to continue our rapid expansion in the coming months, so watch this space..!

Jeremy - Director @

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