Monday, 28 November 2011

What is Coated / Uncoated Paper?

We're often asked what we mean when we say 'coated' or 'uncoated' paper... so here's a quick introduction!

Coated Paper is printing stock that has an outer layer of coating. We stock two different finishes - Gloss and Silk. Coated paper tends to produce sharp, bright printing because the ink isn't absorbed into the paper very much, and the coating means light is reflected well. It's commonly used for leaflets, posters, flyers, business cards etc.

Uncoated Paper is print stock that doesn't have an outer coating. Some people prefer it because it feels more natural. The results in print are totally different to coated stocks though, as the ink is absorbed into the paper, allowing the dots to expand resulting in a print that is less sharp, and less bright than coated stocks. It's commonly used for stationery (letterheads and compliment slips) as well as business cards, loyalty cards, flyers etc

There we have it - a quick intro to coated and uncoated papers... Take a look at our website if you're interested in ordering printing -

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