Monday, 21 November 2011

Mineral Oil Ink vs Vegetable Oil Ink

In the past there was little choice for printers when it came to caring for the environment. Traditional ink was made from Mineral Oil which contains some pretty hazardous substances (such as petroleum hydrocarbons which results in smog), and some rather nasty sounding metals and salts (such as antimony, chromium, selenium, arsenic, mercury, cobalt, cadmum, maganese, lead etc).

In recent years no doubt helped by advances in technology and environmental awareness, an alternative in the form of Mineral Oil Free ink has become available - and whilst there were problems at first with quality, these days both quality and price are almost indistinguishable.

So what is Mineral Oil Free ink?

Mineral Free Inks replaces the mineral oil used to makeup the ink with vegetable oil which, because of the absense of heavy metals, improves degradability, is manufactured from a renewable resource, and crucially eliminates over 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the atmosphere, making it much nicer for the environment and printing staff.

Here at The Local Print Company we only use vegetable oil based inks that are 100% free from mineral oils. Visit our website for more information about our product range and to buy printing online!

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