Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn Recipes - Seasonal Leaflet Soup

It's now early October, the perfect time to start drumming up business for the festive season. Get it right now and you can reap the benefits long into the winter months - the quietest time of year for many.

Here at The Local Print Company we thought we'd write a quick blog post with a great recipe for a seasonal leaflet soup - perfect for drawing customers through the door, and driving sales.

You'll need:
  1. A dash of creativity - be creative with your design, think of a good angle and focus on one sales message
  2. A pinch of discount - people need a reason to act on advertising... perhaps a discount coupon, an invitation to an event or a time dependent deal
  3. A good dolop of energy - it'll take energy to distribute leaflets, having a stack on a counter might not be enough to drive sales - after all the only people who are going to see them are already through the door. Think about how, where and when you're going to get rid of them.
All this will cost you £30 - £80 (depending on how many you're feeding). Most businesses are lucky to get 1 - 4% return... so you'll be lucky to get 40 people to act per 1000 leaflets.

You'll find all our prices and products available to buy online at http://www.thelocalprintcompany.co.uk we also have superb chef's ready to cook up your leaflet soup, and have some splendid waiters to serve up your delicious offerings through letterboxes or to passers-by.

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