Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What thickness and finish business cards should I order?

When it comes to ordering business cards there's a pretty huge choice out there, so here's a quick intro to what we offer, and what you might want to look out for when ordering business cards.

First of all, there's no right or wrong with business cards, the finish, and thickness depends on the type of business you're running and what you're using them for... If you run a taxi-firm you probably get through large numbers so price might be more important than quality, meanwhile if you're a chauffeur it's probably all about quality - and because you get through smaller numbers you're willing to invest proportionately more. As a general guide, business cards usually tend to be between 350gsm and 400gsm - though depending on their use can be higher or lower (as you'll see)!

We offer 3 thicknesses, and 3 coatings for business cards. Here's what we use and why...

250gsm silk - used for taxi business cards / mass market business cards
We only offer these in quantities above 10,000 - at £70 for 10k they're super cost effective, the sacrifice being thickness... at only 250gsm they're not thick enough for normal business cards. We've opted for silk coating so they're writable (with care) meaning they can be used for receipts etc as well as wallet sized reminders of your firm.

350gsm silk - used for all businesses looking for a cost effective, higher quality business card
Available in volumes as low as 250 (and as high as 100,000) these business cards make a high quality card without costing the earth. Usually business cards are between 350 and 400gsm, so these are about right. Once again we've opted for silk so they're writable (with care) meaning they're ok for use as receipts, appointment cards etc.

350gsm uncoated - used for businesses looking for a natural feeling product, or for loyalty cards etc
Again available in volumes as low as 250 (and up to 100k) uncoated cards are totally uncoated, having a natural feel which makes them perfect to be written on, stamped etc. We sell LOADS as loyalty cards, gift cards, appointment cards etc for all sorts of customers - shops, florists, beauty / hair salons... the list goes on - so if that's the sort of thing you're after, or you want a natural plain, sophisticated card, look out for uncoated ones! One thing to mention though, is that the ink soaks into uncoated card much faster than coated stocks (like silk etc), so if your design is heavily reliant on for instance block colour you may not get the result you expect with uncoated card.

Matt Laminated - used for businesses seeking a more luxurious feeling card
Matt Laminated business cards have a super smooth matt varnish applied to the surface. Available either one or both sides (we laminate both sides as standard) they're aimed at businesses who want a quality business card that looks and feels 'the business'. We offer these in 350gsm and 600gsm (rather show-stopping). They certainly can't be written on and they're a lot more durable (and long-lasting in your wallet) than non-laminated cards.

Other finishes you might come across...

Spot UV - sometimes called Spot Gloss, is a process of using a gloss varnish effectively as an ink, to highlight key areas of the design - for instance the logo, a picture etc. It's usually used on matt laminated cards, which gives a great contrast and can produce some really effective results.
Gloss Varnish - the same as matt laminated, but with gloss instead - rarely found, mainly because it tends to look dreadful... but whatever floats your boat!

All our business cards are printed lithographically, and yours should be too - it's simply not worth having your cards printed digitally because unless your design is really very basic (in which case be a bit more imaginative) they look cheap. Digital printing is great if you're in a real rush - and can look ok on uncoated card, but is poor at producing luxury results. Plus - at £30 for 250 business cards any price saving for digital print is going to be minimal.

If you're so excited by this article that feel compelled to immediately order your business cards with us just head over to the business card range on our website here.

So there you go - a quick intro to business cards, did it make sense?! Hopefully, but maybe not, so any questions you have don’t be afraid to ask, just get in touch - we’re here to help!
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