Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Using Gmail for your small business...

We are The Local Print Company, and we use Gmail.

Here's why...

Our emails are dealt with on our servers, we collect them using pop3 but increasingly were having issues syncing between devices - in the office, on the laptop or using the mobile phone. No matter which device you use it's helpful if you can pick up where you left off - without any missed, or repeated emails.

With Gmail you can treat it just like you would Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail or whichever other program you're using. Emails can be collected via POP3 and you can set up all your auto-responders, template replies, filters, etc that you would with software. Crucially though Gmail is Internet based, so no matter where you go in the world, or which device you use, all your sents, drafts, and inboxes are exactly the same, and easily accessible - on any device.

In practical terms it means we can massively increase the opportunity to do business... an example being a deal I did recently on a Sunday evening using my iPhone from the carpark of a rural business my wife works for... the customer was on a yacht somewhere off the coast of South-America. Right there in the space of perhaps 30 minutes I had agreed the price, given the customer a link to order online, and been paid. Without using Gmail i wouldn't be able to find the original quote, work out the amendments (using the pricelist saved in GoogleDocs) or add it to my to-do list to be picked up when I got into the office the next morning.

So that's why I would wholeheartedly recommend Gmail for your small business...

Jeremy - Director @ The Local Print Company.

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