Monday, 15 August 2011

Social Networking - how we're doing it...

We’ve been building our website from nothing over the last year or so. As an online retailer we have no route-to-market other than using the virtual online world of the Internet, which means getting to know our customers has been a real challenge.
In our experience the customers we have personal contact with return for far more than those who order purely online when our interaction is limited to a few automated emails from our website ordering system.
Social Networking gives us exactly the sort of interaction we need - with the help of services like Facebook and Twitter we can get right into the lives of our customers, with timely updates we can quickly spread the word about a product we’re wanting to push, whilst other services like Reddit and Delicious can help drive further traffic to our online ordering system.
To get an overview, using a service like Seesmic allows us to develop a virtual relationship with anyone who is potentially a customer, helping us break down the barriers that stop someone buying… who would you rather buy from… an ‘unknown’, or a friend? (For those who don’t know, Seesmic allows you to view and update all your social networks at once).
For small businesses deciding whether to start a ‘Facebook page’ or open a ‘Twitter account’ seems daunting, and the idea of working with 50+ services all at once might seem unrealistic but the reality is that it’s ridiculous not to be using these fantastic free resources. After all if you run a shop you probably spend time every day checking your window displays, if you own an estate agent you probably spend time every day updating your properties lists, if you manage a charity you probably spend time every day checking and responding to emails (you get the point)… so how is this any different? It’s a route-to-market, it’s a great way to get your name out there and it’s surely a must when running a business?
So in answer to the Blog’s title ‘how we’re doing it…’ the answer is prolifically… find us on our favourites… Plurk, Jaiku,, Blogspot
And there you go - make sense?! Maybe not, but any questions you have don’t be afraid to ask, just get in touch - we’re here to help!
For more information or to order printing online check out our website.

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