Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Promotional Mugs... everyone's doing it (except me)

Promotional Mugs. What a brilliant idea, spend probably over the odds to get probably more mugs than you need printed up with your company branding and give them away to customers.

I'm not sold.

It seems to me that spending a considerable amount of money (when compared to other forms of advertising - flyers, leaflets etc) is a bit of a waste... if i'm a customer of a company the only reason is because they offer a service I need, at the right price - so a promotional mug isn't going to change that. If i'm not already a customer it's either because I don't know about the company, or I'm not interested, and a mug isn't going to change that.

So what is the point? What's a mug going to do?
  1. Remind you of the company (if someone orders that much they're not going to forget you, if they don't order enough they probably don't need to)
  2. Convince you to buy from the company (buying based on a mug seems a little weak?!)
  3. Let a colleague know how wonderful the company must be because you're drinking from one of their mugs (sounds like rather unusual behaviour)
I like my mugs to be pretty, with nice colours, a lovely picture and to feel nice when I hold it... yet so many promotional mugs feel cheap and have a rubbish design on... If you really must get mugs made why not forget you're advertising your company, and instead focus on the design... something striking that makes people look at it and think "What a lovely mug" - then pop your logo on there somewhere so that when hoards of people queue up to look at 'Greg's' mug they all see your logo proudly displayed on the worlds most beautiful mug.

RANT OVER, It's not all about me, so do what you like - just don't send them to me! ;)

Written by Stroppy @ The Local Print Company


  1. Great post! I'd highly reccomend the use of promotional mugs , me and my husband handed out a bunch at one of our local business expos and it was incredibly well received, we've noticed a huge uptake in online traffic since.

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