Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Local Print Company are on Blogger!

Hi there, welcome to the very first post from The Local Print Company on Blogger! You may have seen us on other blogging sites; we're building up a few now to help us connect with as many people as possible.

I guess I should pop a little introduction in here somewhere… I'm Jeremy, director of a Bristol (UK) based printer called The Local Print Company which since launching in 2010 has been on a mission to provide a fast, simple and easy way to order printing online with more choice, better service, lower prices and greater convenience than your local printer.

It seems the days of great local service are fast becoming a distant memory. The very reason I started this company was as a result of my experiences of dealing with ‘local’ one stop shop printers on behalf of clients in my previous work. My aim is for our company to supply the same, or better quality printing at a lower price than ‘they are’.

We’re doing alright so far - we’re growing month on month with great speed and now supply some of the largest and smallest brands and organisations in the UK.

So what’s the point of us being on here? I’ve had conversations with customers recently who have had very little understanding of the internet, and the concept of ordering online. It’s easy when you know what GSM, CMYK and 2mm bleed means to roll out instructions either online, on the phone or via email which in hindsight customers may not (and have no reason) to understand!

So we need to demistify all that… but instead of sitting writing a load of web copy which explains in boring details the intricacies of maximum ink coverage I thought it’d be more useful, entertaining and productive to BLOG about it… and in doing so, hopefully reach some of the thousands of followers we have in various social networks! (Plus it can't do the website's google ranking any harm right!? ;)

Take a peek at our website -

So that’s it. There you have it. Enjoy!

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